Can I bring my own car to Whenua Kura?

Yes, provided you have a valid driver’s licence, current registration and Warrant of Fitness, plus up to date insurance. Students who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to remove their vehicles. Please indicate your intention to bring a car on the enrolment form.

Can I bring a dog to train during the year if I’m doing the L3 Cert Ag at the Telford Campus?

Yes, provided you have a valid driver’s licence, current registration and Warrant of Fitness, plus up to date insurance. Students who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to remove their vehicles. Please indicate your intention to bring a car on the enrolment form.

Do I have to attend all classes?

Yes, attendance at class and work experience is a compulsory requirement of the programme and is a condition of the Whenua Kura scholarship. Students must also be on time to all scheduled classes and work experience. Students may be excused in case of illness.

What is work experience?

This is your opportunity to put your learning into practice on farm. If you are doing the Certificate in Farming (Dairy), Whenua Kura will organise all placements on the Ngāi Tahu Farms. If you are doing the Certificate in Agriculture, Telford will organise all placements on either the Telford Campus Farm or with Telford’s local host farmers. Transport is provided both ways. Students at the Telford Campus either board with the farmer or may be in single accommodation and will have to undertake their own cooking.

Where will I live during term time?

If you are doing the Certificate in Farming (Dairy), you will be staying at student accommodation located on the Ngāi Tahu farms, paying a subsidised weekly rental fee (to be advised). If you live close to the Ngāi Tahu farms, you may choose to drive in each day.

If you are doing the Diploma in Agriculture, you could stay in the student hostel on campus at Te Waihora or in the halls of residence at Telford, however places are limited so you are encouraged to get in early. The accommodation fee for the year at Te Waihora is about $12,000 but can be reduced through applying for various scholarships, so we recommend you apply for as many as you can. There are many scholarships out there so check with your iwi, local District Council or search for scholarships on the internet. You might also decide to find alternative accommodation such as flatting or boarding with whānau.

If you’re doing the Certificate in Agriculture, Telford provides on-campus accommodation in the student halls of residence. There are room options available – single with your choice of ensuite or shared bathroom. Once again you are responsible for paying the hostel fee. All rooms and living areas are cleaned by cleaners. Meals are prepared, cooked and supplied by on-campus caterers.

It is recommended you apply early to ensure a place.

Is there Internet availability in the halls of residence?

At the Telford Campus, the halls of residence have Wi-Fi available. 2GB of data is free of charge per month. Additional data can be purchased.
At Te Whenua Hou, the classroom has Wi-Fi available for students to use.
At the Te Waihora campus, there is Internet connectivity available throughout the campus.

If you are staying in the halls of residence, your Internet usage is covered by your accommodation fees.

Can someone pick me up from the airport?

If you are studying at Telford, at the beginning and end of each term Telford offers a free pick up service to and from Dunedin airport and Balclutha bus terminals. If you wish to travel to the airport during term time, a fee will apply to cover costs.

If you are studying the Certificate in Farming (Dairy) at Te Whenua Hou, transport is available at the beginning and end of each term. Please provide at least a week’s notice of your flight times.

What elements of Māori culture and language are included in the programmes?

All Whenua Kura students will participate in four scheduled noho marae throughout the year at a local marae within the Otago and Canterbury regions. The first noho marae will take place immediately before the start dates of the programmes.

Students will learn local Ngāi Tahu history and will become involved in helping build the relationship with the local rūnanga affiliated to the area at which they are studying.

Can I get into a programme if I have left school without my NCEA?

If you are applying for the certificate programmes, possibly yes. Please check with Lincoln University about specific requirements for the programme of your choice.

All students will attend an interview with a panel prior to being accepted on the programme. This ensures students have chosen the correct programme and that there are no barriers to prevent them from participating in and completing the course.

How much will it cost me?

Tuition fees are covered as part of the scholarship for all programmes. However you are responsible for securing appropriate accommodation and covering associated costs eg rent. You are also responsible for all other costs for books, clothing and gear etc.

Will I get any help if I find it difficult?

Yes. Your tutors can support you if you have any questions or are finding it difficult. If you require extra help with assignments or are struggling with literacy and numeracy, there is always help available if you ask for it. The Library staff at both Te Waihora and Telford campuses are trained in helping students who need extra tuition.

What could exclude me from applying?

If you have any past criminal convictions, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply but it can sometimes prevent you from being accepted. Come and talk to us or call us to discuss. There’s no reason not to apply.

What is Whenua Kura’s drug and alcohol policy?

At Whenua Kura, we take the safety and well-being of our students very seriously. All illegal drugs are banned from any Whenua Kura training or learning site. Alcohol is banned on the Telford Campus, in the student accommodation on the Ngāi Tahu farms and on any farm on which training takes place.

We recommended students consider abstaining from the consumption of alcohol whilst on the course. Students will be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol and those who produce a positive result will be dealt with accordingly.

Do I need to have experience in farming?

Lincoln’s certificate programmes are designed to allow people with little or no experience in farming to develop a basic knowledge and understanding of the chosen field. These programmes provide core knowledge and experience to allow graduates to be productive under supervision and in a strong position to apply for employment.

Do I need to be of Māori descent to qualify for a Whenua Kura scholarship?

Yes. Whenua Kura is funded by the Government under a scheme that is set up to help young Māori gain the skills and qualifications necessary to enter the workforce in their chosen field, in Whenua Kura’s case the primary industries. You do not need to be of Ngāi Tahu descent to qualify for the scholarship.

Can I visit the campus or farms to see what it’s like?

Yes, visitors are always welcome to view the campuses and farms.

Please phone us on the phone numbers below to arrange a suitable date and time to visit.

Te Whenua Hou (Ngai Tahu Farms) 0800 KAITAHU (ask for Letitia Goldsmith)