Due to COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions we have decided to move Unleash the Māui to an e-platform.

For further information please contact Sharlene Maniapoto: sharlene.maniapoto@whenuakura.co.nz Ph: 021547985.


Unleash the Māui Agricultural Leadership Program is the signature training program of the Red Meat Profit Partnership and Whenua Kura Trust. This multi-disciplinary national  program brings together promising leaders from the Aotearoa agriculture, natural resources management and rural community sectors. By combining strong personal development with exposure to organisations, agricultural operations and community networks, participants develop their path toward becoming the innovative problem-solvers and leaders that the sector needs to be sustainable.

Recruitment Information

The seeks applicants who can demonstrate a serious commitment to strengthening Māori agriculture in Aotearoa through their work and/or volunteer activities. Priority is given to applicants who work directly in agriculture (e.g., livestock, forestry, agriculture) or agriculture industry support endeavours (e.g., processing, handling, shipping, and delivering products to the consumer, or financing and management). Other primary industry workers who work closely with agricultural communities, as well as those involved in rural community development, are also invited to apply.
Applicants must be Māori, and have approval from their employer to take the required time to participate in the programme.

Applicant COmmitment

Every applicant is expected to make the following commitments if they are selected for Unleash the Maui:

  • To attend all wānanga April 2-5, June 10-13, September 24-25
  • To complete a set number of sector and industry promotion activities for local rangatahi
  • To continue leadership and responsibility within the industry or community, during and post program
  • To participate in follow-up assessments and post- leadership activities
  • To be actively committed to the continuance of Unleash the Maui, including future assistance with fundraising, mentoring future class members, and other initiatives.


Applicants are required to submit an application form and an employer’s commitment form (if applicable).
The selection committee, comprised of program staff, RMPP staff and Whenua Kura board members, and alumni, will review applications and select those who will be interviewed. Applicants are reviewed based upon the following criteria:

  • Interest and desire to participate in Unleash the Maui
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities as evidenced by community, industry or government organisational activities and positions of responsibility
  • Commitment to strengthening agriculture in Aotearoa and creating sustainable communities
  • Commitment to learning and personal growth
  • Written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills
  • Ability to make time and travel commitment

The selection committee will also consider and apply the following additional policies:

  • Each cohort will reflect a reasonable representation of geographical locations as well as business, government, and non-profit organisations.
  • All applicants must be willing to sign a general release of liability form and provide relevant medical information to assist with health and safety.

Recruitment and selection timeline

  • Applications for 2020 will be available in January of 2020. Application deadline will be 20 February
  • Informational zoom or conference calls with staff can be made available prior to the application deadline.
  • The selection timeline is to be determined.


Over the course of the nine month program, the value of Unleash the Maui is over $10,000 per participant. Much of this is subsidised by funding from RMPP, Whenua Kura and other training partners. The costs support participant travel costs (airfare, shared lodging, and ground transportation) for three wānanga.

Unleash the Māui - Learning Objectives

  1. Quality career and sector pathways will be identified and understood
  2. Te reo, tikanga, whanaungatanga will be affirmed
  3. Identify key issues, opportunties and challenges in the sector
  4. Experience some of the emerging innovation and technology that is disrupting the sector
  5. Develop personal 1-3 year goal setting plans
  6. Understand a range of communications preferences and develop skills to communicate effectively with others
  7. Develop relationships and networks to support industry success
  8. Identify and participate in a collaborative project of benefit to the sector
  9. Introduction to governance of Māori organisations


The cohort for 2020 will include up to 14 participants from small, medium and large agriculture-related training s and farms, farming related businesses, as well as representation from other iwi organisations that connect directly to agriculture and natural resources. Having a diverse cohort is central to developing effective resources and relationships that will last long beyond the program’s conclusion.
Participants must make a serious time commitment to Unleash the Maui. This time commitment is the most significant challenge, but the rewards are immeasurable. Alumni are available to share their experiences, skills and knowledge with potential applicants.

Unleash the Māui - Training Team

The training team for Unleash the Maui includes those with expertise in Matauranga Māori, the sector and Māori leadership and governance.

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